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5 Hot Business Ideas You Can Tap Into Before You Get Your Dream Job

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You’re a fresh graduate, just out of the school system probably awaiting National Youth Service Corps or you’re already in the labour market, patiently waiting. Don’t despair as there abound several business opportunities you can benefit from. All you need to do is open your eyes to the realisation that you’re no longer in the academic environment, a school system that is always almost unrealistic compared to the hustling and bustling nature of the real world, a stunning world where a countless number of graduates roam the streets in search of the few available jobs. Now isn’t that scary?

Don’t worry as I’m not here to scare you; I’m only here to let you see the need to buckle down in order to get yourself prepared for the challenges at hand.

It’s no longer news (except you’re living in a land of fantasy) that being a graduate in Nigeria is like being just the other guy looking for any kind of job. Well, however, exaggerated this seems, it is the reality. Every year, the Nigerian university systems churn out thousands of graduates with a gloomy labour market with its attendant hostility, waiting to reluctantly receive them. But of course, there are few exceptional cases whereby graduates plan ahead to challenge the labour market by equipping themselves with the necessary job skills so that by the time they’re graduating, they will have been very much ready to scale through the hurdles of the alarming rate of unemployment in the country. But sadly, only a few graduates are prepared for their post-school life.

But that, seriously, isn’t the main thrust of this post. My focus here is to lighten up your hope, that despite all these challenges, you can still survive and come out even stronger than you least imagine. It all depends on three key elements: patience, persistence and positivity. Are you patient? Will you be persistent and positive no matter what? 

The Five Business Ideas You Can Benefit From
Meantime, while job-hunting, there are five things you can do that could help close the gap between your unemployed state and productivity. These five things will go a long way in sustaining you for a while, before you get your dream job – that’s if you would still be looking for a job after tasting the freedom of entrepreneurship.

1. Information Marketing
Information marketing also called internet business, is one of the ways a graduate could earn a living while still job-hunting. It is an online business for which you need a domain name or a free blog to start. If there is a particular skill you acquired during your undergraduate days, this is the best platform to put it to use. For, to be frank, blogging or information marketing only works for a person who has set out to solve people’s problems or provide things people need. Once you can render services often required by people such as tech tips, fashion tips, culinary skills tips, even blogging tips etc., and can package the information in an ebook, you should thrive well as an information marketer. Read this article to know more about how you can earn from information marketing. 

This is one of the best ways to earn a side income. Many people in various fields, students, journalists and graphic artists are reaping the goldmine of freelancing. Can you do it? Yes, of course. Well, it’s simple: if you’re passionate about writing, editing and proofreading, web designing, graphics or possess other relevant skills that you think people could benefit from, then you’re good to go. This is what freelancing entails; people pay you online in exchange for a service rendered in trust. It’s a tested and confirmed ways people are making money today. I am. You too can. To explore this lucrative outlet, go to,, and Start earning today.

3. Private Teaching
I’m not going to dwell much on this because it’s popular. It’s also a means a fresh graduate can earn cool income as he looks for a job. To get private coaching isn’t difficult, is it? All you need is a little bit of boldness and networking. Exploiting one’s contacts to the best of advantage has been a most recurring issue when it comes to getting a job. Rather than sit idly at home wallowing in unnecessary lamentation and complaints about the failure of the government to provide jobs, go out there and meet with the right people who know someone who knows someone who in turn knows someone whose little son or daughter is in need of a private/home tutor. By extension, you may as well explore many tutorial centres around you and apply as a part-time tutor. Half a loaf is better than no bread. To earn through this platform, go to

4. Estate Agent/Laundry Manager
I know this sounds somewhat awkward to some graduates! Yeah. It sure does. But of course, I wouldn’t have included it in this list if it isn’t already working for many graduates – yes, graduates like you. In most cases, you’re assigned an intermediary role where you get to liaise with people looking for houses to rent, to lease or even to purchase, depending on how deep you want to go into this business. I tell you, it’s profitable both financially and self-developmentally. During the cause of meeting with clients, you’re presented with the opportunity of enhancing your oral communication and interpersonal skills, both of which are most almost indispensable, employable qualities. And of course, some graduates are doing pretty well with the laundry business as well. We’ve heard success stories of graduates who put a stop to their seemingly never-ending job search, having realised a veritable financial potential in the laundry business. That I included this also in the list is an indication of its genuineness. Trust me. I’ve heard of a guy, a BSc graduate, who now runs a big laundry enterprise with about five members of staff on his payroll. Isn’t that fantastic? 

5. Volunteer Job
Volunteering for organisations within your vicinity is also one of the very good ways of overcoming the few boring months one often spends as a fresh graduate. A secretary is needed in your Islamic organisation in the mosque, apply; a public relations officer in your church, why not go for it? With the community development association in your area, volunteer as a resource person or programme facilitator. I can assure you that with humility, diligence plus a positive mindset, it won’t be long before someone links you up with a bigger opportunity. In the process, you’re acquiring basic skills such as communication and interpersonal, often needed in the corporate world. If you wish to volunteer for organisations, check impact-initiative.

In all, you’re a fresh graduate which means that you have zero job experience, still a newbie in the labour market. However, you will be doing yourself a greater disservice if you believe jobs will fly at you by merely waiting for it, believing only in your numerous job applications and probably a few aptitude tests and interviews. But I bet you if you consider at least one of the above-mentioned productive engagements amidst your job search, you won’t only have equipped yourselves with some of the marketable skills needed to excel in your forthcoming job, but will have also boosted your CV.

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