African Reviews is the first African online platform for top-notch literary analyses, book reviews, as well as biographies of African writers.

Our academic essays have been widely referenced by quite a number of students and teachers of literature across the globe. We are committed to delivering standard, carefully well-researched literary essays that concern African Literature.

Our aim is to promote works of African writers through analyses and reviews. In this age of digital platforms, we felt that there is need to bridge the gap between the online representation of works of African writers and those of their counterparts from western countries.

Would you like to be a part of this cause? Yes?

Okay, Here's how you can contribute your own quota to African Reviews:
  • Write for us
  • Recommend a book for review/analysis
If you'd like to do for us either (or both) of the above, kindly shoot us an email at africanreviews@gmail.com. 

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