Friday, July 13, 2018

The 4 Proven Practical Ways to Building Your Self-Esteem


If you’re feeling depressed and lazy about getting things done, you need to improve your self-esteem.

This is because if your self-esteem is low, you’d achieve little and might even lose the things you’ve already accomplished. People with low self-esteem lack the will to carry on. For your job, your health and your loved ones, this is dangerous. You’d become unproductive, become sick and lose the company of people dear to you.

But the question is, how did you even get here in the first place? You used to be highly-spirited and goal-driven. But suddenly, you just don’t feel like it anymore. It’s strange. But people don’t have low self-esteem because they want to, some things definitely must have caused it.

You can have low self-esteem if you’re…
·         lonely
·         abandoned
·         bullied
·         abused
·         deeply worried about something

All of these can crush your belief in yourself. They can destroy your zeal and make you feel unloved. Worst, they can make you lose your mind.

But, what if I told you there’s a way out. What if I showed you proven practical steps you can take to improve your self-esteem!

#1. Talk your way to stardom

Yes, say it loud. You’ve got a deadline approaching, say to yourself: I’m going to beat this deadline! People with high self-esteem believe in the power of talking about their abilities. When you talk about things you can do, rather than focus on those you think you can’t do, you’re a step forward to achieving that particular goal. So talk positively about yourself, because most times our words become our beliefs. What we believe we act it. When you think and talk positively about yourself, you’re boosting your confidence.

#2. Believe in yourself
Self Esteem

If you really want to overcome low self-esteem, then you should start acting it right now! Start to believe that you can do things your natural conditioning would believe otherwise. And to achieve this, you need to stop comparing yourself with others. Your friend is super good at writing. And so what? Go learn it too. For how could you ever know you are better at something when you haven’t even tried? 

So Mark Twain is right all along when he said that the secret of getting ahead is getting started. You’re admiring something from a distance and thinking yourself unfit for it. Why would you even do that when you’ve got great skills and talents deposited in you by God. 

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But you would never know that you have greatness within you if you allow yourself to be weighed down by your thinking that others are better than you. Worst is when you think that you cannot even surpass someone in a particular field. Who told you that you cannot become greater than even your coach; who told you that you cannot achieve extraordinary things in life? Go out there and stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, compete with yourself and develop yourself every single day. When you do this, your self-esteem would rise.   

#3. Dare your Mistakes

For many of us, our mistakes are our number one enemies. Why? Because we allow them to be. Simple! But the moment we confront our mistakes and turn them to our strength, we would realize how greatly we’re gifted. Overcoming our challenges then becomes easy. You’re a gift, each and every one of us. We possess the ability to achieve great things in life. It’s just that…

·         We are scared
·         We don’t want to fail
·         We don’t want our friends to make a jest of us
·         We don’t want to appear weak to people

These are the reasons we are damn scared of making mistakes right? Well, that’s not cool. Actually, these should really be the reasons we should make the mistakes. When we make mistakes, our fear of failure is defeated and then trying out new things becomes a hobby. Great people have trodden this path. 

Also, you wouldn’t know how badly you fared at something if nobody is there to judge you. But it’s not the judging that should bother you, for that in itself is harmless, it is you not learning anything from that experience. And many of us always want to appear superhuman to others, like we only want to be known that we are good at everything. So we don’t want to fail so people wouldn’t see that we are human after all! 

Ring a bell? Well, that’s not smart enough. Have you suddenly forgotten that to err is human? Want to improve your self-esteem, make as many mistakes as you can, for, for every success, there must have been at least 12 mistakes.  

Here’s the thing

You’ve got low self-esteem and you know it. Wherever you go, you don’t just feel the spirit to own it. Whatever you do, you lack energy. And then you’ve started to feel like: I’m tired of it all. Maybe you’re a student approaching graduation and you just feel like quitting. Or you’re an aspiring footballer with, no break, not even in a local league. You could even be a jobseeker already feeling all the people employed are better than you, despite your qualifications. And you’ve begun to see life differently, as though you don’t fit in the game. Hang on a second. Let me tell you this: if you can work on your self-esteem by trying to implement the above points, congrats because you’re on your way to success.   

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