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A List of Undergraduate Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2020/2021

A list of undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students

Are you searching for a complete list of undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students? Congrats! Here’s where you can find them. Several scholarships abound for Nigerians as study aids and education funds.

Every year, companies, notable corporate organisations and government institutions dish out several scholarship opportunities to Nigerians. Some of these scholarships are study aids to help students cope with study expenses while others are full sponsorships covering accommodation, school fees in foreign schools.

Also, some of these undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students are either partial or full sponsorships to study abroad in any case, as a Nigerian undergraduate student, you shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Students in 2020/2021
Below is a list of undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students. Check out the ones you're eligible for and don't wait before applying -- unless you want to know the reason you should apply for a scholarship. 
Are you a Nigerian studying in any of the tertiary institutions in the country? Good news to you. The Nigerian oil company, Agip, offers undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students as study aids. The programme which usually opens in March every year is called Tertiary Institutions Scholarships Award Scheme and it is usually in two categories. The first one is the Host Communities Merit Award and the second one is the National Merit Award.  

If you’re a full time undergraduate student in any tertiary institution in Nigeria, you’re eligible to apply for this scholarship offered by Addax Petroleum Development Limited. This scholarship which usually opens in May is only for Nigerians studying in all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in Nigeria.

The American University of Nigeria offers scholarships to Nigerian students in the institution. The aim is to encourage scholarships among students who are exceptional in their academic pursuits. With a partnership with their primary institution in the United States, Tulane University, the American University of Nigeria supports academic development all over the world.

Unlike the other scholarship opportunities, the Agbami Scholarship program is not for all students. As one of the undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students, the Agbami scholarship is only for Nigerians studying approved courses in universities and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Called the Medical and Engineering Professional Scholarship Programme, the scholarship’s deadline ends in February and is a one-time monetary award to bright Nigerian students.  

If you’re a Nigerian student looking to apply for a scholarship, you should try out the Chevron scholarship. As one of the undergraduate scholarships for Nigerian students, it is recommended for Nigerian students studying approved courses in Nigerian universities on a full-time level. The scholarship programme whose deadline is usually in March covers the entire study programme.  

The Last Note                                                                     
As a Nigerian undergraduate student, you can actually study without any financial worry. If you can seize the opportunity to apply for any of these scholarships, you can focus on your studies assured that your financial burden has been lifted off your sponsor’s shoulders.  

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