Friday, November 15, 2019

Top 10 US Universities with the Best Study Abroad Programs

best study abroad programs

Are you combing the web in search of universities with the best study abroad programs? Do you wish you could get detailed information about them, especially about their scholarship opportunities? Look no further.

Below I’ve compiled for you 10 popular universities with the best study abroad programs. Check them out and find the ones most suitable for you.

Named after the first President of the United States of America, the George Washington University is a private research centre located in Washington DC. The University offers up to 71 degree programs across several disciplines. Since its creation in 1821, the University has maintained its prominent position as one of the top educational institutions in the world. Today, the GW now boasts of over 26,000 undergraduates and graduate students some of whom are from over 130 countries. For its study abroad program, the George Washington University offers semester or a session study abroad programs in 60 countries including Spain, France and England.

As one of the most popular private universities in the United States, New York University is one of only 60 member institutions of the prestigious Association of American Universities.  With students of about 50,000 spread across the 3 major campuses in the cities of New York, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, New York University also has its students come from over 133 countries. With its international academic centres located in 11 countries worldwide including Ghana and Israel, New York University has a reputation as one of the top US universities with the best study abroad programs. 

best study abroad programs

Apart from its recognition as the top universities in the US producing the most Fulbright U.S. Scholars, the University of Richmond boasts of a robust study abroad and scholarship structure that provides approximately 45 Richmond Scholars scholarships and 36 Presidential scholarships to fresh students annually. Also, RU has been ranked top 25 “Best Schools for Internships” and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance recognises the University of Richmond as a 2017 Best College Value. For its study abroad program, the University of Richmond offers about 75 programs in 30 countries including Germany, Netherlands and England. 

Would you like to have the University of Evansville experience?  In this increasingly competitive global market, an out-of-school experience is imperative for success. This is why The University of Evansville is taking the lead in this core aspect of students’ social development. At Harlaxton College, University of Evansville’s study abroad British campus, students are treated to varying courses including literature, economics, political science and more amidst interdisciplinary instructions, travels and seminars to broaden their scopes.

With its international locations in such beautiful places as The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria, Webster University aligns learning with the opportunity for cultural interactions among their students. The school boasts of international students from over 148 countries. At Webster University, students enjoy a variety of learning environments through its numerous study abroad programs.

A culturally rich and ethnic diverse research institution, The University of Chicago is among the universities with the best study abroad programs. Founded in 1890, The University of Chicago offers students the most interesting experience of ground-breaking research mixed with the opportunity of a wider view of peoples and cultures. The university’s centre in Paris is a beautiful place where over 200 students have the opportunity to take courses annually.

best study abroad programs

When we talk of universities with the best study abroad programs we cannot but mention Boston University. The university has its main campus in Boston, Massachusetts with various programs spread across their international campuses around the world. As part of its study abroad program, students travel to exotic places like London, Paris, Sidney and many other countries where they study languages, science, business, engineering and numerous other courses on offer.

As one of the world-leading research institutions in the US, Georgetown University provides a unique learning experience for students. Besides being provided with world-class learning facilities at its main campus in Washington DC, Georgetown University’s students have also the opportunity to travel to countries like Turkey, Italy and Qatar for their study abroad programs. The university has about 160 study abroad programs available in 40 countries. 

Besides being one of the oldest private universities in the US with first-rate educational value, the University of Denver prides itself with a unique study abroad experience that offers students the opportunity to join the prestigious Sherrington Global Scholars. This merit-based scholarship program gives equal advantages to students irrespective of their financial background. Little wonder, it is regarded as one of the universities with the best study abroad programs in the United States.

As the eighth largest university in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, Suffolk University offers its students outstanding learning experience through its study abroad program. As students in Suffolk University, you’re guaranteed the opportunity to study at the school’s international campus in Madrid, where you can start your degree program. That’s not all, you can also intern there for up to 2 years.   

There you have it! The top ten US universities with the best study abroad program now at your fingertips, no need to wait any longer. If you’re looking to enrol in one, now is the time to begin to look for the best.    

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