Sunday, November 3, 2019

The 3 Amazing Reasons You Should Apply For a Scholarship

Why You Should Apply For a Scholarship

Imagine yourself winning a scholarship. Think of how you would feel. Proud of yourself, I guess. Sure, no one would win a scholarship and not be happy.

It's such a great day when you see that you've been selected as the winner of a scholarship.

However, it's no child's play. Applying for and winning a scholarship takes a lot of hard work, commitment and courage. But when you win one, you'll be quick to forget that you actually laboured for it.

The question is, why should you even apply for a scholarship?

In this article I've highlighted three concrete reasons why you should apply for a scholarship to study abroad.

The 3 Reasons You Should Apply for a Scholarship
1. Studying abroad is expensive

Everyone knows this. Before you can think of educating yourself in a country other than yours, you should expect that it'd be expensive.

When you gain admission to study abroad, you would certainly need to travel. Travelling cost is scary these days. It has forced many people to abandon their pursuit of studying abroad.

Accommodation and feeding expenses are other challenges. You're going to a foreign land in which costs of living are high. But when you apply for scholarships and wins one, you have no reason to worry again over these expenses, especially if the scholarship is fully funded. Most scholarships in the UK, Australia and Malaysia, cover all expenses including feeding, transportation and accommodation. So if you intend to study abroad and enjoy these benefits, the best you can do is to apply for a scholarship.

2. Competing with many applicants can change your life

Your applying for scholarships is an experience that's worth the while. You'll not only know what winning a scholarship entails but will also learn to sharpen your writing skills. As you write your personal essay for the scholarship, you'll see yourself improving your writing skills. Also, when you apply for a scholarship and eventually wins, it boosts your confidence, and you'll dare to do many other things you've hitherto left undone because of fear of failure. However, even if you fail to win a scholarship, trying alone will be a stepping-stone for you, as you can beat your chest and say that you've done well by competing with thousands of applicants across the globe.

3. It broadens your horizon

Meeting people from diverse races, cultural and religious backgrounds will no doubt expand your scope of the world. That is if you win a scholarship. When you apply and win one, you become experienced about international education standards and all the benefits therein. In addition, you have an opportunity to learn new languages, behaviours, social values different from yours. All of these experiences will most likely make you more sociable and tolerant.

Furthermore, being a student of an institution with international standards, you're exposed to various learning materials and new learning strategies. This will boost your level of understanding and reasoning. As such, you will have an upper hand when you apply for jobs in your country. Most corporate organisations would prefer a job candidate with international qualifications to their local counterparts probably because they value the exposure that they have.

No doubt about it, going through the steps in applying for a scholarship can be daunting. But it is worth it. When you consider that you don't have enough money to sponsor yourself abroad for quality education, applying for a scholarship is a sure way to go. Not only is your financial fears allayed, but you also improve your skills and gain lots of exposure. So why wait, when you can apply for a scholarship today.

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