Monday, November 7, 2016

Top 9 Time Management Tips for College Students

Time Management for College Students

Time lost can never be regained, the saying goes.

True, time management can be very difficult, especially when it comes to keeping up with so many tasks within a short time.

No wonder, everybody seems fond of the saying: 'There's no time!'

Between going to classes, doing assignments, taking tests, taking up a job and blending in some social activities, college students often stray and grow weary of keeping up with their schedules. As such, many have dropped out, others rusticated. Some even jeopardized their health.  No thanks to poor time management.

Fortunately, there's a way out. Below I've explained 9 effective ways you could manage your time to achieve success in your endeavours.

#1. Make Plans
As a student in college who wants to start on the right track, taking note of the semester's course calendar and making a to-do list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, will help you know the due dates for some specific assignments, tests and will really help you avoid procrastination.

#2. Break Down Projects
Being overwhelmed often leads to procrastination which eventually causes poor performance. Are you scared of a task, probably because it's too difficult? Or boring?

Yes, being scared or bored by a task often makes one lose the zeal to work, especially when the lecturer feels his course is indispensable.

But when you break down larger and complex projects, you are giving yourself more time for other things and you won't always have to get goosebumps by merely thinking about a task.

#3 Beware of Time-wasters
One of the simplest yet efficient time management tips is by taking note of the things and people that drain your time. On realising the amount of time you spend on trivial things, you will be able to manage your time and fight distractions.

#4 Be Healthy
Going to school shouldn't make you neglect your wellbeing. Your school knows this much and that is why they ask for your health status in your first year. Likewise, you can't expect a person who is not in the right state of mind to perform effectively in both academic and social activities. So, by exercising your body regularly, eating a balanced diet, taking enough rest, you will increase your alertness and reduce stress. That way, you get things done faster and better.

#5 Know Yourself
Know your method and what works for you. If you're a social person, studying alone can be tiring and can hinder productivity. You can organise a reading group after lectures or in the later part of the day. But if you're a diehard lone reader, you have to discover the time of the day that works for you and use it to your advantage.

#6 Be Reflective
A simple way to improve your time management skill is to reflect on the things that you spend your time on. Knowing the task you didn't do well and the amount of time you devoted to it, would help you to reschedule your time for the better result later.

#7 Be Flexible
Do not think you will always have to stick with the plan. No, I'm not saying you shouldn't be devoted or organised. I'm talking about reality. Do make plans for unforeseen contingencies. To avoid getting disorganised on hearing that you have to submit an assignment faster than the due date, or maybe you fall sick two days to a test, then you need to have a plan-B and set aside time for these events.

#8 Stay Organised
In order to manage your time well and avoid disorganisation, you have to stick to your plans religiously. Don't bring in anything that doesn't belong except, maybe for something really important. Then, you have to adjust the time set for some easy tasks or you use part of your free time to achieve your aim.

#9 Be Disciplined
Yes, be disciplined! No one can achieve anything worthwhile if they aren't disciplined. Talk of making a plan, sticking to it, doing a particular thing continually. No! It won't be easy, but it takes self-discipline to turn a difficult task to an enjoyable one. It always turns out great in the end. In one word, being disciplined pays.

In sum, you need to always remind yourself that you are a college student. Try as much as you can to avoid distraction. And remember that a successful time manager will be less stressed, get more sleep and feel better about a job well done. Ultimately, he becomes a successful college student in the end. 

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